Three Tips for Beginners in T Shirt Printing

During events, the committees often need some sort of uniform that is comfortable for them to wear during activities. Custom t shirt becomes a great option. If you are assigned to design the t-shirt, there are several things that you may want to know. This article will elaborate each of them briefly.

Here are some things you can do while designing your custom t-shirt:

  • Considering the colors: color is an important aspect in designing t-shirt. It can be considered the easiest aspect to fix and check among other aspect. If you are a beginner or someone who are not familiar with designing t-shirt, you need to avoid using over three different colors in your design. The best color combination for designing t-shirt is using two different color. However, if you are already in the game for sometimes and have some experience in designing t-shirt, you may try to combine several colors in one design. Black and white are the most common combination.
  • Using high resolution or vector image: do not try to use low resolution images for your design because it will definitely not turn out well for the results. The most ideal image file to use is vector image, with .svg or .eps format. This type of image can be resized to various size without losing the sharpness of the image. If you still insist to use some raster images, make sure it is extremely in high resolution to avoid quality degradation. You can create vector images with Corel or Adobe Illustrator.
  • Asking for professional advices: if you have friends or acquaintances that have experiences in the industry, it is better to show your design to them and ask for feedback before submitting. With their experience, they will surely be able to assist you. Tell them that you need constructive critics so that the design will get better and better in the future or else they will probably just give you polite smiles instead of actual feedbacks. And after they give the feedback, try to perfect it as much as you can. If you cannot do all of their advices, that’s fine. This is a process that every designer is going through.

Those are some tips you can apply if you are still a beginner in this t shirt printing industry. Do not restrict your creativity, just make sure you know what you do and discuss what you think you are lacking with more experienced people.