The Dolphin Nautilus: A Robotic Device for Cleaning Swimming Pools

Having a robot clean the swimming pool is easy and convenient. Several products are available for this purpose, such as The Dolphin Nautilus from Maytronics. The name of the device comes from two sea creatures, one which is very familiar to most people and the other not as much. In fact, U.S. residents tend to associate the word nautilus with a brand name of exercise equipment, but in the worlds of zoology and oceanography, this is a mollusk.

Dolphins and Nautiluses

The real dolphin ocean dwellers are highly intelligent mammals known for their agility and speed. They seem to enjoy playing, including performing acrobatic moves underwater and jumping up out of it. Dolphin watchers are amazed to see two of these animals leaping in synchrony in their wild, natural environment.

In contrast, the nautilus is one of nature’s housekeepers. These mollusks roam the sea eating a variety of substances, including dead fish and other animals. They are only about 8 to 10 inches long and live inside a spiral shell with chambers. These shells are actually quite beautiful.

A Robotic Cleaning Device for Swimming Pools

In this particular line of products, Dolphin is the brand name and Nautilus is the specific device. Dolphin products consistently get rave reviews, and Nautilus is no exception.

How does this equipment work? It runs on a dual-drive motor and uses brushes to scrub away grime and algae from the walls and floor of the pool. Dual-level filters remove debris from the water as the robotic device moves freely around. Pool owners will still need to rake up larger debris, like twigs and big pine cones, but nearly everything else is taken up by the filters and scrubbed by brushes.

Scanning Technology

The device doesn’t simply move haphazardly about. It has a scanner that continuously looks for problems to be resolved. People who have never seen one in action are likely to find it impressive to watch. It allows pool owners to avoid most of the manual labor involved with cleaning. Instead, they can simply enjoy swimming and playing in the water, just like dolphins do!