Camera and Bixby of Galaxy S9 are its Exclusive features

It is really surprising the quality jump of the photographs of both mobiles Galaxy S8 and S8+ because perhaps the camera is the aspect that fewer changes with respect to its predecessor. We have the same 12-megapixel sensor with aperture f / 1.7, 1.4-micron pixels, OIS, among other things, but it is the processing software that makes the difference. With the marvelous picture quality and wide-range of realistic colors, great sharpness and contrast, Samsung Galaxy S9 are coming next year with a marvelous 16MP Dual-lens back camera and 8MP front camcorder. Various interesting modes like slow motion, other exciting features like effects, 3D effects, glaring frames, new unique filters and the magical Optical Stabilization function in Galaxy S9 are enough to attract many customers.

Whether in shots with excellent natural or artificial lighting, or difficult night shots or even in dim light conditions, the results of Galaxy S9 will always be exalted and make you surprise. The important point to note is that in Galaxy S8 perhaps for the taste of some users, the overexposure of colors may not be so grateful but with Galaxy S9, they won’t feel dissatisfaction as the lovable natural-looking colors of S9 and the superb pics will be so cool and rocking that if any other small issue, if persist, will ultimately get neglected.

As for the S8 camera interface, we find intuitive controls and simple to handle. We have the main sight, to the left the different types of taking, to the right are the filters and we cannot forget the Manual Mode that allows us to control all the parameters of the camera. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is coming out next year with a latest Android Version 8.0 rumored to be named as “Oreo” and everything would be more entertaining, faster and even more perfect.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera Modes

On the other hand, we also have the option of activating Bixby Vision, one of the main features of the new virtual assistant of Samsung or activate the Beauty Mode for selfies, as well as various masks that will surely make some people enjoy. The Bixby 2.0 version of Galaxy S9 will offer new features to the users; even the Visual Recognition function will be highly optimized.

Since we are talking about the selfies, we leave a test of the power of the frontal sensor of 8 megapixels with Galaxy S8.

Finally, we have the subject of video recording, which we also tested (although not very thoroughly) and we can say that it will satisfy any user, both for its optical stabilization and the extra options it offers, such as slow motion recording. Highlight the possibility of recording in 4K quality at 30 fps or 1080p at 60 fps. The front camera also records in FullHD quality, but at 30fps. No doubt, Galaxy S9 will be far better than the previous flagship regarding camera feature in every way and this revolutionary and thrifty smartphone will cost you up to 1014 USD which deserves every single dollar of this.

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