Awesome Places to Visit while Enjoying Trip to Medan

Indonesia is known as country with a lot of great destinations. In all islands of this country, there are always great destinations to visit. Among the island, there is Sumatera is one of the big islands. Sumatera has also some great destinations to go and some of them is located in Medan, North Sumatera. This town is also important town in Sumatera since it is the largest town in this island. This town has a good airport named Kualanamu International Airport. This airport is great access for all tourists who want to enjoy the great destinations offered by trip to medan. It is true that North Sumatera, especially Medan, has great choices of destination. Lake Toba and Maimoon Palace is the great choice of destinations and there are still other places to go and explore.

Among the popular sites and destinations in Medan and generally in North Sumatera, Lake Toba is the most famous one. This lake has become so famous all around the world. People have visited and enjoy the beauty offered by this wonderful lake. There are great things offered by this lake that cannot be found in other place. The fresh nature, great view, and the peaceful atmosphere offered by this lake will always make people feel refreshed. Enjoying water activity in the lake is possible to do. Then, the lake also has an island in its center. This island is special also and this becomes parts that cannot be separated from tourism in Lake Toba. Great cultural heritages can be found in the island and around the lake. Surely, this is great choice of having trip to medan.

Of course, the lake is not the only choice to visit in Medan. In fact, Medan itself has some places that can be visited. This is perfect for people who want to have great experience enjoying the rich culture offered by this town. Taking pictures are also great since the places are so instagenic, so posting the photos in social media can be other good points to get.

  • First trip suggestion of trip to medan is Maimoon Palace. This is the great place to know the history of Medan. This place is awesome with its exterior and interior architecture. Taking pictures will never be bad in this place. In the throne room, which is the only opened room for public, people can have photos in the royal costume of the palace. There are also royal jewelries, gifts, and antiques that can be seen.
  • AL Mashun Grand Mosque is the next place to visit. This is the important place in Medan. Of course, it is not only for praying, but it has great historical value. Its architecture and its history will be great things to know while visiting and exploring this big mosque.
  • Tjong A Fie Mansion is the other great building to visit. This is also the landmark of Medan. This mansion is important in the history of Medan itself. The owner of this mansion, Tjong A Fie, is a Chinese merchant who came to this town for business, but in fact he could be great person in this town with his wife. He is also one of the persons who financed the building process of AlMashun Grand Mosque.

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